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Commercial Real Estate

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We work directly with various lenders nationwide. This allows us to offer a suite of programs that are extremely flexible and open to almost everyone with properties in any area. The guidelines below do not represent all of our lenders but give our clients an idea of what is available.  Our lenders are very flexible in most cases.


This list is in no way exhaustive but we offer the following with all scenarios accepted for consideration:

  • No Doc 75% Fast Hard Purchase or 50-75% Cash Out Refi
  • 100% LTC (<65% ARV) Rehab and New Construction Loan
  • 100% JV (80/20) Fix and Flip or Hold
  • New Commercial Construction
  • Mezzanine Financing
  • Transactional Funding



  • Interest Rate Range: 7 -18%
  • Term: Starting at interest only or Fixed for up to 5 years,
  • 30-year Amortization Schedule
  • Impounds for Taxes and Insurance: depends on loan program
  • Lender Origination Points: Zero – 5 depending on program
  • Prepayment Penalty: 0 to 3 points, can be bought down to 2 points with rate increase of ½%
  • Broker’s Commercial Funding Fee – negotiable
  • Lender Underwriting/Processing Fee: paid at closing: $0-1,500 (depending on lender)
  • Title Insurance – borrower’s choice
  • Insurance – borrower’s choice


Items needed for a Conditional Loan Approval (CLA):

  1. Borrowers tri-merge credit report, if applicable
  2. Completed Intake form and/or 1003
  3. Personal Financial Statement if prepared
  4. Loan Summary-funding purpose and fund usage on each particular deal, attach separately
  5. Pictures
  6. Contract, if purchase
  7. Current Rent roll, if applicable


Additional Items Needed for Clear to Close:

  1. Copy of Lease if Rented (SFR) or Rent Roll Form Filled Out if Multi
  2. Valid Photo ID of Guarantor
  3. Appraisal – ordered by the lender, paid in advance
  4. Title Insurance
  5. Proof of Insurance
  6. Articles of incorporation or organization
  7. Operating agreement, if LLC


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