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We provide many services to businesses like yours.  We approach each scenario individually and provide the best service(s) that will aid your company in reaching its goal(s), bolster growth and lay the foundation for sustainability.  The services we provide below are not exhaustive:

  • Aged Shelf Corporations
  • Asset Management
  • Business Management Solutions
  • Business Consultation & Mentorship Services
  • Business Credit Building Solutions
  • Business Financing Solutions through Our Vetted Lenders
  • Commercial Real Estate and Hard Money Solutions (Nationwide)
  • Film and Production Financing
  • Private Placement
  • Resident (Statutory) Agent Service in Most States
  • SBLC, International Bank Guarantees, Bank Comfort Letters, etc.

If there is a service not listed that your company seeks, please… Contact Us

What do I need to qualify for any one of your programs?

For any of our internal services, you will need to provide any requested documentation that will include our detailed agreement for services to be rendered.
Your company has to be at least 2 years old for any of our business credit building solutions.  We are able to help start-ups obtain funding if the individual personal FICO score is above 700.
Leverage services and private placement require full disclosure.  Once we have full disclosure, we will refer you to the gatekeeper of this program.  Engagement will NOT occur until all documents are received and full disclosure has been met as these are heavily regulated securities.

How long does it take to build my business credit?

It takes 30-60 days to complete a file. Business credit repair will depend on the file itself. If we are providing a special service under this program, the timeframe can vary.

Can you help my company obtain business funding if my personal FICO is lower than 700?

Absolutely! If your company goes through our credit-building program, we can offer no personal guarantee funding through our lenders or we can use your 680+ FICO to help your company obtain even more. If your credit is lower than 680, we have personal credit repair sources that we work with to help principles recover from damaged personal credit. You may also want to consider a credit partner to improve fundability.

How do we get started working with your company?

Welcome aboard! We are happy to be your premier choice to accelerate your company! We are here to guide you through each part of our programs’ processes. Every service has its own required documentation. Please see the corresponding page for the particular service and download the documents needed to begin .

One more question?

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