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Infinitum, Inc. is a company that operates as an independent commercial finance brokerage firm. We arrange commercial project and real estate financing, secured financing, hard money, and cash flow options for businesses and individuals. Our brokers come from different business backgrounds from management to real estate to established entrepreneurs. All of our experience, knowledge, and network was developed over almost three decades collectively. We are here to bring borrowers and lenders together.

Infinitum, Inc. offers a variety of financial services. Funds are available for many commercial uses such as refinancing, purchase, new construction, and long term. There are a number of shelf corporations available for the new entrepreneur that we offer.  We also have private lenders ready to invest in YOUR DREAM. Most people don’t have access to lenders who can provide adequate financing for their needs; in most cases, not even other brokers. We are here to work for you!

content image4We especially encourage entrepreneurs with new small, independent businesses with solid business plans who are eligible to take advantage of the programs our SBIC/MESBIC institutions offer.  Small Business Investment Companies (SBIC) and Minority Enterprise Small Business Investment Companies (MESBIC) are financial institutions created to make equity capital and long-term credit (with maturities of at least 5 years) available to small, independent businesses.  Over 80% of our economy is made up of small businesses.  There is money available from different resources to continue to build on this number.

We are always one step forward in our commercial vision, and that is why we launched our corporate division to market. Our goal is to provide the best solutions at the best rates, while maintaining the best in client relations. Our wide range of financial products gives us the best possible alternatives for any occasion. We meet our goals to satisfy daily needs, aspirations and desires of our clients located throughout the national territory and abroad.

How we got started:

We started with a simple strategy: the Judo Business Strategy. The definition of this strategy is a plan for managing a company by using speed and agility to mitigate the effects of its competitors, as well as to anticipate and take advantage of changes in the market through new product offerings.  The judo business strategy consists of three components: Movement (using the smaller size to act quickly and neutralize a larger competitor’s advantages), balance (to absorb and counter the competitor’s moves) and leverage (using the competitor’s strengths against it).

The term has become so popular in the small business community that we developed a small consulting firm by the name of Judo Financial Consultants, and successfully adopted this strategy with our focus centered around ‘movement, balance and leverage’. Although our company was later merged with another small firm, Infinitum, Inc., the model still remains intact as the size of our new organization aligns directly with this strategy.  Larger organizations in direct competition with Infinitum, Inc. will still have difficulty implementing this practice as Infinitum, Inc. can quickly accommodate other businesses by utilizing its collaborative outsourced services.

Judo Business Strategy: Techniques for Beating a Stronger Opponent

The idea of judo economics, building on analogies with the sport of judo, has been around for at least 20 years.  But taking these ideas further to judo strategy means that a framework of strategic principles can be developed to help companies put stronger opponents on the mat.  One important note of the judo business strategy is “if a challenger tries to capture the entire market, the incumbent will fight back – and probably win.”

The following tactics can be used in a Judo Business Strategy:

Technique no. 1: the “puppy dog ploy”

In any kind of competition, your first goal is to stay in the game. So the judo strategy advises challengers to keep a low profile and avoid head-to-head battles that they are too weak to win.  This advice goes against the grain for many managers.  In a crowded marketplace, it is often said, you have to shout to be heard.

Technique no. 2: define the competitive space

While the puppy dog ploy is largely about defense, with this next technique, offense comes into play.  Here is where you seize the initiative by defining a competitive space where you can take the lead.  Most champions rise to the top by learning to excel at a few key skills – shoulder throws, for example, or cutting costs.

Technique no. 3: follow-through fast

By combining the first two movement techniques, you create a window of opportunity.   Next, you need to use this opening to strengthen your position through continuous attack.  One day soon – and these days, that is sooner than ever – your competitors will see through the puppy dog ploy, rise to the challenges of a new competitive space and seek to bring the advantages of superior size and strength into play.

Technique no. 4: grip your opponent

By gripping an opponent early, you may succeed in preempting competition; securing victory, in essence, by making it unnecessary to fight. You can also build relationships with current or future rivals that limit their room for maneuverability or allow you to benefit at their expense.  Both moves will undercut their future ability to attack.

Technique no. 5: avoid tit-for-tat

Through gripping, you can sometimes alter a competitor’s incentives sufficiently to head off a battle.  Often, however, despite your best efforts, a rival company will eventually decide to attack.  Once this happens, keeping your balance is a challenge.

Technique no. 6: push when pulled

Gripping your opponent and avoiding tit-for-tat helps you minimize the prospect or impact of a competitor’s attack.  With the push when pulled technique, you go one step further by using your opponent’s force or momentum to your advantage.

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